The new normal: For Autumn and as the weather takes a turn we have opened up our doors inside once again! It has become extremely difficult in the hospitality industry to recruit staff and remain vigilant to the government guide lines so we ask you to please be patients during any busy times. We will be open everyday in October no matter what the weather. 

As always the safety of our staff and you, our customers, must come first.

We are really conscious of the environment and our beautiful surroundings.

I just wanted to let you know for those that might not as we don’t necessarily shout it from the roof tops and perhaps we should. We have always recycled everything that is possible including our waste oil. We do not serve anything for takeaway in plastics or polystyrene and we banned plastic straws many years ago. The lids we use for coffee cups are plant based and compostable. We now use seaweed boxes for our meals which will degrade naturally like a piece of fruit. There are no products containing palm oil anywhere on our premises, even from other suppliers we use. The suppliers we use are local and the food is ethically sourced. We use olfactory coffee which is hand roasted locally in Cornwall and the beans are sourced responsibly with a big emphasis in sustainability and friendships with the farmers. Our wholesale fish monger is a family run business from St.ives who again focus on sustainability and whose practise makes a positive impact on the environment and the community.

Our mission for the last few years has been to cut down on the packaging we receive from others. This part has been an ongoing struggle as we are reliant on how other, bigger suppliers package - but we still persevere and repeatedly reiterate our ethos to others. Now with everything having to be more disposable and one use we are determined not to retreat into bad ways and wastefulness. Please help us by only taking what you need and dispose of your rubbish correctly using our recycling and waste bins.

It is with these little bits that we can all make a difference and protect our beautiful planet. x