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We use nuts, seeds, dairy, fish and gluten in our kitchen, please let us know of any allergens or intolerances when placing your order. 

The Big One 10.50

Bacon, chipolatas, fried egg, toast, beans, basil infused tomatoes and hash browns.

The Big Veg 10.50

Glamorgan sausages, fried eggs, toast, beans, basil infused tomatoes and hash browns. 


The Vegan 10.50

Beans, tomatoes, toast, hash browns, spinach and sliced avocado with mint and citrus oil. 

Avo on toast 8.50

Smashed avocado on toast with griddled eggs and rocket


Belgian waffles 8.95

Warmed waffles with fruit compote, whipped cream and a chocolate dipping sauce

Bacon Sandwich 6.00

Streaky bacon on a brown seeded loaf (add an egg for 75p)


Granola 8.50

Home-made granola with honey, natural yogurt and seasonal berries 



American black 2.75 | Americano with milk 2.85

Teas 2.00 | Espresso 2.30

Flat white 2.95 | Cappuccino 3.20

Latte 3.20 | Mocha 3.75

Hot chocolate 3.40 with cream and marshmallows 3.90

(we have oat milk)

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